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Are there ginkgo biloba trees in the Philippines?

Is anybody taking ginkgo biloba and does it help enhance memory lower blood pressure, cholesterol and improve blood circulation?

Are there ginkgo biloba trees in the Philippines?
This is a Chinease staple herb and has been used in Chinease medicine for centuries. I%26#039;m not aware that you can get this in the Philippines, but it is carried world wide and can be shipped anywhere with problem.

It%26#039;s known to enhance metal alertness and brain function, improve memory, regulate the heart and improve blood circulation through the blood vessels. It can also help with hearing loss, Asthma, Dementia, Impotence caused by use of Prozac and similar antidepressnts, Premenstrual syndrome, Vision loss related to aging and inner-ear disorders.
Reply:From my own personal experience, the section that dandelion copy/pasted is correct. It%26#039;s very good for mental support because it actually increases blood flow to the brain. This helps to bring oxygen and other nutrients to all sorts of things in the head (brain, eyes, ears, etc), which is why it helps with so many things.

Most distributors that sell Ginkgo will send things to anywhere in the world, but international shipping tends to get expensive. I%26#039;d suggest looking for some in local stores first, then check with companies in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and most of the countries that are closest to you (as shorter distances for shipping tend to be lower cost)... just make sure you get a good quality company.


Does taking Ginkgo biloba really improve our memory? Why?

Is Ginkgo better then yellow ginger, for improving memory and brain functions?

Does taking Ginkgo biloba really improve our memory? Why?
It improves circulation to everywhere including the brain. There was enough evidence for an NIH to do a 15 million dollar study which was started but never finished. Herbs are whole foods and good for you.
Reply:It can improve memory by improving circulation above the neck. The effects generally take 3-6 months of regular use and are mainly beneficial if you actually have a circulation problem that is restricting blood flow in the first place.

Bottom line is that the science is there. Morons will cite negative studies that are actually based on single molecule extracts or synthetic copies of an assumed %26quot;therapeutic agent.%26quot;

In the end, it will work for some and not for others. That%26#039;s how it is with all drugs too.
Reply:Yes it is awesome for you.
Reply:hey this is a fantastic product it increases blood flow to the brain which we really need. This helps boost memory due to the extra blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

skin disease

What is ginkgo? How does it help your skin? Will it make your skin lighter?

What products have %26quot;ginkgo %26quot; in it?

What is ginkgo? How does it help your skin? Will it make your skin lighter?
hope this helps


Do all ginkgo pills smell bad?

I%26#039;ve been taking ginkgo tablets because I heard that they boost brain power. And it appears to be working -- based on my astute and intelligent answers here :-) But do they all have to smell putrid? Maybe I%26#039;ve got the wrong brand -- I bought these at Sam%26#039;s club (there are like a 1000 pills in here.) thanks!

Do all ginkgo pills smell bad?
try Natures Bounty Ginko Biloba, they are in capsules, not tablets so they don%26#039;t can pick them up at walgreens.
Reply:I took Milk Thrstle and Red Clover pills awhile ago and they smell bad too, it%26#039;s not the brand. Many herbal pills just don%26#039;t smell good, just hold your nose when your taking them.

You could try buying a different brand, if those smell the same then you know that the herb itself is just not pleasantly smelling.

Unfortunatly not all herbal remedies can smell like Roses.


Anybody taking Ginkgo Biloba for depression or know how much to take?

I can not find much on the internet about Ginkgo Biloba, but I found that it is one of the 5 herbs that are most benifical to help people with depression. I just need to know a little more about it and how much to take per day.

Anybody taking Ginkgo Biloba for depression or know how much to take?
see a doctor
Reply:Ginko Biloba is herb wich have effect on better circulation of the blood in brain so with that and memory. I now that %26quot;Natural Wealth%26quot; firm manufactured pils with same name Ginko Biloba, and they say that 1 pill is enough for all day.
Reply:I never heard of GB being used for depression (which I have) - maybe you%26#039;re thinking of valerian root. Health stores usually have books you can look thru that give you dosages of supplements and herbs for various conditions
Reply:i take two pills of the stuff, but i also take it for memory,
Reply:Ginko has been touted more for its memory boosting ability than for relieving depression, but it is believed to boost oxygen, and aid in blood flow. Diminished blood flow has been linked to depression.

Be sure that you buy Ginko extracts that contain at least 24% flavone glycosides (organic substances responsible for the herbs antioxidant and anti clotting properties) and 6% terpene lactones (primarily chemicals called ginkgolides and bilobalides, which improve blood flow and are thought to protect the nerves`

Gink is expensive:

Natures Resource is a good choice that doesnt cost alot. It may be called Nature Made Herbals in your area and can be found at Wal-Mart or any local Pharmacy or health food store

Take 120 mg of Ginko daily divided up into two or three doses a day for general memory boosting or poor circulation.

Take up to 240 mg a day divided up into two or three doses for depression Alzheimer%26#039;s, ringing in the ears, dizziness, impotence.

It commonly take 4-6 weeks and sometime up to 12 weeks to notice this herbs effects. It is considered safe for long term use in recommended doses.

You can take it with or without food.

Possible side effects in rare cases are irritablity, restlessness, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, though usually mild and transient. You may experience a headache the first day or two. If these symptoms persist discontinue it or lower the dose.

Dont use unprocessed Ginko leaves in any form, including teas; they contain potent chemicals {allergens} that can trigger allergic reactions. Stick with standardized extracts. If you have a medical condition, like diabetes or some other serious illness consult your doctor before taking supplements

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Are Ginkgoflavoglycosides the same as ginkgo-flavon-glycosides?

I am taking ginkgo biloba wich contains Ginkgoflavoglycosides and i was wondering if ginkgoflavoglycosides are as effective as ginkgo-flavon-glycosides or if they are they same thing?

Are Ginkgoflavoglycosides the same as ginkgo-flavon-glycosides?
I%26#039;m pretty sure they are. I checked a number of supplements that have each as an ingredient. They usually have 24% in the ginkgo extract along with terpene lactones. None of them have both ingredients.

here are some links that I used to compare:

Here is some important information about ginkgo biloba. It does have some side effects:


What is the chinese character/pinyin for GINKGO (Ginkgo biloba)?

Im in China, and I have to know how to write or say GINKGO (Ginkgo biloba) in order for the pharmacyto understand me

What is the chinese character/pinyin for GINKGO (Ginkgo biloba)?
There are 2 ways of saying it.

1. 银杏 yin2 xing4

the numbers indicate tones, 2nd tone is a rising tone

the 4th tone is a quick downward tone.

2. 白果 bai2 guo3

the 3rd tone is a downward and upward tone in one syllable.

remember that the chinese characters are monosyllabic, pronounced only as one syllable per character
Reply:its called %26#039;bai guo%26#039; (white fruit).
Reply:Yin Xing

银 杏
Reply:%26quot;Bai Guo%26quot; (literally %26quot;White Fruit%26quot;) is %26quot;gingko.%26quot;
Reply:银杏 yin2 xing4


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