Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ginkgo biloba to counteract SSRI side effect?

Hi, I am taking Zoloft for panic disorder and have discovered the unpleasesant sexual side effects. I read promising things on the web about ginkgo and how many people have found it to be very helpful in this situation. Can anyone recommend a specific brand of ginkgo? I found the recommended dosage but it is a little hard to match everything up in one brand. Or if anyone has found any other positive ways to counteract this, I would appreciate hearing about it! Thanks!!!

Ginkgo biloba to counteract SSRI side effect?
First of all, I%26#039;m sorry to see the other answers have been a bit rude. Some people do need SSRIs, and they do have sexual side effects (lessened sensation being the most common).

Ginkgo, however, will not help you in this situation. It primarily benefits memory, concentration and mental focus in older individuals.

Before recommending a natural or herbal remedy to assist with your problem, it is important to know whether you have other medical conditions such as low thyroid, autoimmune disease, or high blood pressure. Certain herbs are contraindicated for those conditions, and certain herbs are contraindicated for individuals taking SSRIs.

If you do NOT have any of the above-listed medical conditions, some herbs that would be of benefit (if you are female) include Ashwagandha and Maca. If you are male and do NOT have any of the above-listed conditions, Yohimbe is also helpful.

I would strongly advise visiting a health food store and consulting with a *QUALIFIED* herbalist or nutritionist before you take any herbal remedy. Just because it%26#039;s natural doesn%26#039;t mean it%26#039;s safe for YOU....herbs must be treated with the same respect as a prescription medication.

You may also want to consider topical applications that assist with arousal. There are many excellent natural brands; again, your health food store can best recommend one to suit you.


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