Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dollar store ginkgo?

I just bought some ginkgo at the dollar store. I was wondering if it as good as the expensive ginkgo you can buy at vitamin stores.

The brand name is Health Care and it is at 300mg.

Dollar store ginkgo?
do some background checks on it. If its a dollar, it usually means it was made in a low quality factory, so you could get contamination. sure, you save money, but if you get really sick, the hospital bill will well surpass that.
Reply:It will be fine.

There are a lot of manuafcturers aout there making a fortune by calling their product better than or more soluable than or more potent than anyone elses.

It is what it is.
Reply:Being in the nutrition field - no not all products are the same.

Just like any consumer product, there is always going to be a difference - does car x perform the same as car y.

Remember currently there is no governing agency regulating supplements - some companies use this to their advantage, some are actually interested in the consumer.


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